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Providing therapeutic services for children & families who are experiencing developmental trauma and attachment difficulties.

ARC Framework

The framework of ARC allows for the treatment process to build on itself, yet addresses each domain.

  • 1st Stage Attachment: Attunement, caregiver affect management, consistent response, establish routines & ritual
  • 2nd Stage Regulation: Affect identification, Affect Modulation, and Affect Expression
  • 3rd Stage Competency: Executive Functioning Skills, Self Development & Identity, and Developmental Tasks

The ARC treatment framework was developed by Margaret E. Blaustein, Ph.D., and Kristine M. Kinniburgh, LICSW at the
Trauma Center and Justice Resource Institute. ARC is recognized by NCTSN.

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Touchstone Therapy Center  provides in-home and clinic-based individual, family and group therapy for children ages 0 to 18 who have developmental challenges as a result of attachment disorders, emotional and behavioral problems, neurobehavioral, and developmental difficulties

Substantial therapeutic support is provided in their roles as parents or as caregivers. We use the intensive and comprehensive Attachment, Regulation, Competency (ARC) framework to address multiple areas of the developmental process such as:

  • Helps special needs foster and adopted children and their families develop meaningful relationships and implement non-punative behavioral strategies to facilitate secure attachment connections and establish permanency in their homes.
  • Focuses on the child as well as the parent-child dyad. Therapeutic and psycho-educational support provided for parents in this challenging and often strenuous role.
  • Strengthens the parent-child and sibling bond.
  • Increases a child’s ability to cope with unresolved trauma and loss leading to attachment insecurities which often create stress in family and peer relationships.
  • Enhances a child’s overall developmental abilities by incorporating current neuroscience into a Brain-Based interventions to facilitate secure attachments.
  • Develops a child’s overall resiliency capabilities and facilitates sensory integration processes and increased abilities in self-regulation skills.

Touchstone Therapy Center also addresses clinical concerns of children exposed to alcohol, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and those who are experiencing difficulties with toileting due to encopresis and enuresis.

Hope for attachment disorders, trauma, adoption issues, child and family therapy.

Creating Connections & Changing Lives


Touchstone Therapy Center provides therapeutic services for children and families, especially those who are experiencing developmental trauma and attachment difficulties. Adopted and foster children often require support for these issues. We are committed to providing evidence based, trauma-focused interventions using the Attachment, Regulation, Competency (ARC) framework. Each of these treatment domains addresses making connections, enhance the emotional security of the parent-child relationship and build adaptive capabilities.


 By integrating these domains in the treatment, ARC focuses on helping children and caregivers struggling in their attachment relationships to experience healthier parent-child interactions, increase their ability to self-regulate neurobehavioral capabilities and develop competencies in key areas of development.

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